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I’ve worked all my life,  doing extremely well as a celebrity stylist’.  Making great money,  living a glamorous lifestyle never thinking that all the money that I was donating to charities like Sierra Hope’,  was never intended for someone like me?.  After getting West Nile virus  I wasted away and my brain was so inflamed that I couldn’t talk, or walk for months, because of this horrible disease my body was so malnourished that my bones  became fragile and my muscles atrophied.  After working extremely hard to learn how to walk talk!,  it through my body into more than I thought I could handle, causing three neck surgeries,  five back surgeries and a complete spinal revision.  Wile in the hospital,  I contracted an infection from the operating table and spent 8 weeks in the hospital with a catheter in my side,  wile in the hospital I was one of the first to get Covid and got stuck in the hospital when Covid went ramped, then they put me into a nursing home for weeks!!!.  So in a nut shell,  after two years of healing,  I was completely bankrupt!.  The staff, thank the good lord at Sierra hope,  I was given groceries and a lots of love’, I’m on my way to becoming a new person and now I have the pleasure of helping in any way I can!.  Nevertheless I now know the value of a dollar and what it can do for someone in need’,  I’m now I’m asking those of you that can,  to donate for my walk for life’. Any amount of money will make a difference to someone in true need of support’.  I don’t know you, but I love you!!!.  Thank you and hope to see you at our event….  Orlando’

Join our Walk for HOPE and raise funds and awareness in the community of the services provided by Sierra HOPE. This walk in the redwoods is an opportunity to come together with others who care about those who need assistance, and to raise funds to continue these services. 

Register as a participant, join a team, or be a team leader. Then let your friends know how they can participate in the fun by donating and by coming to Big Trees on September 23.

Donations may be tax-deductible, as is the registration fee (also considered a donation.) Participants who raise $100 or more in donations receive an event t-shirt. Additional T-shirts can be purchased. 

Registration is a two-step process: Enter your data and pay for your registration, and then set up your personal fundraising page. You can create a team or participate as an individual, but creating your page allows you to invite friends through social media to support you and the Walk for HOPE.

When you arrive on September 23. you will choose your trail and either take a bag lunch or come back to the camp site and join us for lunch. Trails Include:

  • The North Grove trail, a gentle, well-marked loop about 1.5 miles long that is barrier free, 
  • The 5-mile trail in the South Grove which passes the park’s two largest trees – the Agassiz Tree and the Palace Hotel Tree, and the 600 ft. long
  • Three Senses Trail, one of the earliest accessible design trails in the State Park system, and allows visitors to experience the feel, smell, and sounds of this magnificent forest.       

Registration and donation funds will all go to Sierra Hope but you can choose whether to donate to the organization or individual/team fundraiser during checkout.

If you prefer not to pay the registration fee, use the promo code "Hope23"

Click here for a tutorial  on how to set up your individual fundraising page.
You can obtain an offline registration form by clicking this link offline form

 Thank you to our sponsors 

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